Madagascar day 10: Ifaty Mangily.

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We get up again without an alarm clock... eventually we'll get used to it badly.


Ifaty Mangily

Children playing at Ifaty Mangily



We beat ourselves up for an hour and a half looking for a place to have breakfast, our favourite place is closed for a weekly break. It's very hot. We ended up having breakfast at Chez Carol, very good. Coffee, tea, bread, butter, honey, crêpes and yogurt maison.

We decided to walk along the beach to the fishing village of Ifaty (about 2 km). We meet the fishermen who come with the catch of the day, many of them are coral fishes and we meet two young boys who fish for sea urchins with tubes.

When we arrive at Ifaty the beach is full of children playing with each other, with boats and trucks made by themselves with the remains of cans and plastics, imagination to power. When we enter the village a group of children euphorically sing us a song.


Ifaty Mangily

Ifaty Mangily


We enter the local bar for 9.000 Ar drinking beer, two Coca-Colas and pispejo.

On the way back we take a canoe to return to Mangily for 15.000 Ar. We take a bath.


Dinner at the hotely Gargotte Chez Ella.  Very nice and very advisable, it's near the asphalt road.

At nightfall the Malagasy people go out to dance and enjoy themselves, they love the music very loud and watching them dance is quite a spectacle.



Breakfast: 34.000 Ar. 3 pax. Coffee, tea, bread, butter, honey, crêpes for 10.000 Ar. Yoghurt maison for 3000 Ar.

Dinner: hotely: prawns and fish on the grill and spaghetti a la boleñesa, 2 beers, bananas and crêpes with chocolate, 39.600 Ar.

Canoe from Ifaty to Mangily: 15.000 Ar.

Accommodation: bungalow in Chez Danielle and Leontine for 3 pax 33.000 Ar night.